Album #2 – Elvis Presley

Album #2

I stuck with the original release for this album mostly due to the fact that I wanted to hear the original album and not the non-album hit singles and bonus tracks. This album surprised me. I have always kind of liked Elvis. I was aware of his influence and power within the music industry. His music has always been valued. But, somehow Elvis seemed corny to me. I saw Elvis as the guy in those somewhat cheesy, overproduced movies that he was made to do. But this album has none of that. The album is very much like the Sun Records recordings that Elvis did before he signed to RCA Records. They are very raw and sound like they were recorded live and in one take. This is the incarnation of Elvis that I like. I couldn’t stop tapping my feet. I loved the cover songs on this record, particularly his cover of Ray Charles’ classic I Got A Woman. This album also started off great with Blue Suede Shoes and seemed to keep that feel throughout the album. It is a shame Elvis didn’t make albums like this for the rest of his career. He really had something. Overall, I give this album 4 out of 5 stars.

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