“You Are Like A Hurricane, There’s Calm In Your Eyes”

Well, so much for listening to two albums in one day. Hurricane Earl turned out not to be a hurricane at all when it touched down yesterday morning. It did knock some power out in the city and probably caused some flooding along Rothesay Avenue and in the Glen Falls area which are prone to flooding anyway because that area was built on a swamp. But, really nothing happened. It didn’t rain much and was not very windy. By 5 O’Clock, the sun came out. It was disappointing, mainly because my parents and I stocked up on water and food, expecting the worst. Of course, Saint John NEVER gets the worst. But, on the bright side, we did not lose power and my neighborhood did not flood like it did this time last year. GOODBYE EARL!!! You don’t come back now, YOU HEAR!!! Now, to enjoy the rest of the long weekend…

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