Album #8 – The “Chirping” Crickets

Album #8

This album to me was one word: AWESOME!!! I love Buddy Holly. I have heard many of his songs, including 3 that were on this album, many times before: Oh Boy!, That’ll Be The Day and Not Fade Away. He also does a version of It’s Too Late which was also covered by Derek & The Dominos. I also own a Buddy Holly compilation. He is one of the few artists from the 50’s that I absolutely love. I always have loved his style and his songs. This album has influenced many including The Beatles. It features a backing vocal group singing backup with Holly and it kind of reminds me of the stuff Elvis did with The Jordanaires. That partnership probably takes it’s inspiration from this album. The cool thing is that this album is credited to The Crickets and not Buddy Holly. That shows how integral this band was. Even as a child watching infomercials for 50’s music collections, the major hits off this album were always credited to The Crickets and not Buddy Holly or Buddy Holly & The Crickets. Another fun fact: Roy Orbison co-wrote two songs on the album and both Orbison and Holly are from Texas. There is nothing bad about this album and I encourage everyone to go out and buy either this album or the great compilation “From The Original Master Tapes” (1985) at your local record store. You’ll be glad you did. I give this album 5 out of 5 stars. A phenomenal album from a phenomenal artist. Somebody once said in an interview about Holly that if he had not tragically died in that plane crash in February 1959, his career would have skyrocketed and he would have been bigger than Elvis. It’s too bad the good and genuine always die young.

Next: Atomic Mr. Basie by Count Basie

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