Album #10 – Brilliant Corners

Album #10

I’m at the 10 album mark already!!! It feels good and I’m so glad that I started this journey. This album was very good and makes me appreciate jazz. I love this form of jazz. I’ve always wanted to get into Thelonious Monk for quite some time and this list has given me the chance to do that. Brilliant Corners also features Sonny Rollins on sax and the sax solos are phenomenal here. The album probably kick started the era of Jazz that I love so much. Jazz albums with only 4 or 5 songs and a small group of musicians. The difference between this album and Kind Of Blue is the perfection that Monk wanted in his songs. The title track alone was recorded in several takes. No improvisation here. The album also reminds me of an unlikely thing: Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. It reminds me of that show particularly on the third track, Pannonica, due to the use of the celesta which was common on that show. Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood introduced me to jazz at a very young age and for that I am forever grateful. It is clear that Musical Director John Costa took some inspiration from Thelonious Monk. It sounds as if Costa and his trio recorded some songs with Sonny Rollins after the show and the result was this album. Who knew that a kids show could have such good, timeless music? Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5 stars and I will definitely be buying this album.

Next: Palo Congo by Sabu

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