Album #12 – Birth Of The Cool

Album #12

This album was very different than I expected. What I thought I was going to hear was an album similar to Kind Of Blue which is also on the list. Instead, I got a swinging album featuring Miles at the helm of a jazz ‘orchestra’ of sorts. The songs are also short here compared with the longer songs on Brilliant Corners and Kind Of Blue. The jazz ‘orchestra’ features many jazz musicians including legendary jazz drummer Max Roach. Some of the songs were arranged by a fellow Canadian, the late great Gil Evans. This album kept my feet-a-tappin’!!! I loved the bass lines on this album too. The jazz ‘orchestra’ sounds amazing here. The horns are not as powerful as a big-band sound via Duke Ellington and they sound very natural and not overpowering. I read that the inspiration for the album was classical music and the musicians are definitely working together here. Each solo is short but is important to the structure of the song. The stage of Modal Jazz or improvisation has not yet appeared but it this album shows one thing, it proves just how good and innovative Miles Davis was within the jazz world. Highlights include: Venus De Milo, Budo, Godchild and Rouge. This album was a joy to listen to and even brightened my day despite the fact that I was sick. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5 stars. A great masterpiece from the Legendary Miles Davis!!!

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