Song That I Can’t Get Out Of My Head #1 – Our Lips Are Sealed

I can’t get this song out of my head!!! I first heard it yesterday. Of course, many of you have heard The Go-Go’s version of this song but did you know that Jane Wiedlin of The Go-Go’s co-wrote the song with Terry Hall of The Specials and Fun Boy Three fame? Didn’t think so. Hall and Wiedlin were dating briefly in the early 80’s. When they broke up, Hall started writing lyrics about their relationship. He sent them to Wiedlin to finish. The result was this song. It was first recorded by The Go-Go’s and released on their album Beauty And The Beat in 1981. It became a chart success in 1982. This prompted Hall and his band, Fun Boy Three, to record their own version of the song. Their version did extremely well on the British Charts but it did not do well in North America. That is the version that is stuck in my head as I am writing this blog post. I will post the videos for both versions below. I like the Fun Boy Three version better than The Go-Go’s version because it is more dark and less poppy. But, The Go-Go’s version is great too. It is fun despite the dark lyrics. That was their style. The video was fun too. Anyways, enjoy the videos and leave comments as to your thoughts of both versions.

The Go-Go’s version (1981):

The Fun Boy Three version (1983):

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