Album #15 – Dance Mania

Album #15

What an album this was!!! I love Tito Puente. I have known about him since I was a kid because of his appearances on Sesame Street. He was quite the entertainer. He also was on The Simpsons in the famous “Who Shot Mr. Burns Part 1 and 2”. He was considered a suspect but when Chief Wiggum went to interview him Puente treated him to a song about his rage at Mr. Burns featuring none other than Hank Azaria (voice of Moe, Apu, Professor Fink, etc.) on vocals, singing in a faux Latin accent. This album made me want to dance. I have only had a few hours of sleep and I was dancing in my bed while this album was playing. I love Latin music from this time period especially the type done here. Puente is even better than Machito. Highlights on this album include: El Cayuco, 3-D Mambo, Cuando Te Vea (I was singing along with that one!!), Hong Kong Mambo (Tito plays the marimba here, another instrument he played so well) and Varsity Drag. Puente is actually American-born but all the vocals on this album are sung in Spanish. Even though Puente was a percussionist, he really knows how to assemble a band. These musicians were top notch and in a class of their own. This is definitely an album that I will buy in the future. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5. The infectious Latin rhythms make it that good alone. Well, now off to see John Hiatt acoustic in Frederiction tonight with Thom Swift opening at The Playhouse as part of the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival. The show is sold out and I’m very excited. Hiatt is playing by himself which is a rare treat. Anyway, talk to you all tomorrow.

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