John Hiatt And Thom Swift – Slow Turning

Hello readers!! Just got back from seeing John Hiatt, live and acoustic in concert as part of the Harvest Jazz And Blues Festival at The Playhouse in Fredericton, N.B. Fredericton native Thom Swift opened the show with a short acoustic set. He was thrilled to be home and opening for one of his heroes. Hiatt came on to a standing ovation from several members of the audience including yours truly. He played for 2 and a half hours only stopping to change guitars. Hiatt said he was battling the flu but the reception he got “cured” him and made him feel at home. He had a ball of fun on stage. Several members of the audience even shouted out song titles during the concert and Hiatt played most of them. Hiatt also played a few songs on the piano, including the encore Have A Little Faith In Me. He played many of my favorites including: Slow Turning, Drive South, Is Anybody There?, Thing Called Love, The Open Road and Cry Love. It was a great show and the audience clearly enjoyed the performance, giving Hiatt two standing ovations at the end. I hope Hiatt and his band will return to the Maritimes soon. He puts on a great show! Back to reality tomorrow. 😦

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