The Best And Worst of the 50’s

Many of the other challenge bloggers have done this kind of post where they give their opinions of the decade of albums that just passed. I will do the same. The 1950’s were not really known for albums, particularly in rock n’ roll and country music. Singles were the method of choice. It won’t be until the mid-1960’s where the album will become the method of choice. That being said, some of the albums should not have been included in the 50’s section of this list. I will not say which ones but you can kind of tell from my previous posts. My favorite album of this section is Kind Of Blue by Miles Davis. The album, to me, is above anything else musically. It still resonates 51 years after it was first released. My least favorite album in this section of the list is Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Gershwin Songbook. The album was too long and I still have not finished it. Ella has a great voice and is legendary but she just did not put her heart and soul into those songs. Overall, the albums were all good and have opened me up to new forms of music and I can say I have listened to most of these albums at least once. It made me respect and appreciate Elvis’ early work a lot more. It made me appreciate Marty Robbins. But, the journey has only just begun. Tomorrow, one of my favorite musical decades, The 1960’s!!!

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