Album #27 – A Date With The Everly Brothers

Album #27

The Everly Brothers have the best harmonies. They have influenced many including Simon and Garfunkel who made their first single together sound similar to the Everly Brothers records of the late 50s. This album is fun and great from start to finish. Every song is rocking and upbeat. There are two songs that I have heard before that are featured on this album: Love Hurts and Cathy’s Clown. Love Hurts is of course best known for being the biggest hit of Scottish rock band Nazareth’s career. It was also covered by Cher and Roy Orbison among others. The Everly’s version is the first to be recorded and was written by Boudleaux Bryant. Boudleaux and his wife Felice wrote many of the Everly’s big hits. The Everly’s version was a bit too fast for my liking and Nazareth’s version is much slower and captures the emotion of the song as does Gram Parsons’ version (which is a duet between Emmylou Harris and Parsons) which is my favorite version. I also know Cathy’s Clown, the album’s closing track. The song was actually written by the Everly Brothers and was one of their biggest hits. Overall, this album was short and sweet. The songs here a so good and the harmonies are so beautiful. The Everly Brothers inspired a generation of musicians to sing beautiful harmonies: From Simon And Garfunkel to CSNY to Fleetwood Mac, the folk-rock and California rock movements owe a debt of gratitude to the Everly Brothers. Highlights include: Made To Love, That’s Just Too Much, Love Hurts, Lucille and Cathy’s Clown. Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

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