Albums That Should Have Been On The List #1 – Etta James’ At Last! (1960)

Missing Album #1

From time to time, I’ll be listening to and blogging about albums that are great that did not make the list for some reason or another. Of course, I would be nieve to think that every great album ever made would be on the list. But, it is nice to show you, the readers of this blog, other great albums that are also worth listening to. I’m not sure why this album did not make the list. Etta James’ voice is remarkable here. Her voice is so sweet and soothing and she doesn’t have a voice that is doing a thousand vocal runs a minute like so many female singers today. Most of the tracks on this album are very slow and somewhat reminiscent of ballads from the early 50’s R & B groups like The Platters. I really enjoyed the album because of the song selection (almost every song is good) and James’ voice. I cannot understand why this album is not on the list. Yes, the list is edited and published by a British author and publishing company. But, on the other hand, this album has influenced so many female singers. From Christina Aguilera to Adele, many modern female singers acknowledge Etta James’ influence on their singing. This album proves that pop and r&b can collide and produce a great final product. This album also contains one of my favorite songs of all time, At Last. I love the lyrics, arrangement and James’ voice. It all sounds perfect together. There is just something magical about that song. Only this version is magical, all other versions are just trying to duplicate the original. It also has special meaning for me as it is in a great scene from one of my favorite movies, Rain Man, starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. It’s just a shame that the editor overlooked this album. Highlights include: Trust In Me, A Sunday Kind of Love, At Last (one of the best love songs of all time) and Stormy Weather. Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5. Look out for other overlooked albums in the future.

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