Album #30 – Sunday at the Village Vanguard

Album #30

This album reminds me of a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I love piano jazz especially when it is played in this setting by a trio. There’s something about it. It probably has to do with what I had said when I reviewed another, similar album on the list about Mister Rogers’  Neighborhood introducing me to jazz and more specifically piano jazz. There is something that is so real about this form of jazz. It is not cheesy or watered down. It is ‘real’. The ambiance this live album captures is astounding. Throughout the tracks on the album you can hear the background noise in The Village Vanguard. It almost feels as if you are there, sitting in the smoke-filled club, cigarette in one hand and drink in the other, listening to this wonderful, quiet music. The album is so calming and I will probably listen to it again for that reason. The music here is not amped up but quiet and mostly middle of the road in terms of emotions. I will definitely be buying this album. What people do not realize about jazz is that it has so many different forms and eras, just like rock music. That is what attracts me to this music. Each artist is somehow different with in the vastness of this genre of music. Sadly though, Jazz has been taking a backseat in recent years. Hopefully, it will return more vibrant and unique than ever before. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5 stars. Perfect music for a lazy Sunday.

Next: Modern Sounds in Country & Western Music by Ray Charles!!!

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