Album #33 – Jazz Samba


Album #33


This album reminded me of a cross between elevator music and The Girl From Ipanema. It was a great album. Stan Getz’s solos were very good. It was a great mellow album to listen to after a busy Saturday at work. The album is perfect to relax to. It has a mellow vibe throughout. There is even a cello part in the final song, Baia and the album has two bass players!!! Two bass players on a jazz album were unheard of  up until this point. This album was so low key but it has influenced jazz in many ways and this album can even be considered a pre-cursor to a bad word in the jazz community: Smooth Jazz. Smooth Jazz takes as much from this as it does R&B, Easy Listening and Soft Rock. This album was also representative of the times. The 60’s were all about experimentation within jazz. This was done in order for jazz to stay in the public consciousness despite rock and roll dominating popular music. This album also represented a movement of latin jazz musicians. Latin Jazz is still as vibrant today as it was in the 50’s and 60’s. Highlights from this album include: Desafinado, O Pato, Samba Triste and Baia. This album is the perfect mellow album to put on and unwind to. Picture yourself sitting down, drinking a glass of wine and just breathing a sigh of relief while this album plays in the background. It is that calming. Overall, I give this album 4 out of 5 stars.

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