Album #35 – With The Beatles


Album #35


I apologize about the quality of the picture. It was taken by my laptop’s webcam. Quality is not the greatest. Finally, a band I am passionate about. This is the first album on the list from the Fab Four, The Lovely Lads from Liverpool and one of the most influential rock bands of all time. Notice I didn’t say greatest  It is also the third album on the list that I own a physical copy of. Notice I didn’t say greatest. Anyway, I am a bit biased. I love The Beatles and I always have since I was young. My dad had a few Beatles albums and one compilation on cassette. We listened to them once in a while. My dad loved them and still does to this day. It was not until my dad bought Let It Be on CD that I really got into them. I bought the compilation 1 two years later and was hooked!!! I bought this album last year when all the albums were remastered and re-released. Any album I did not own physically, I bought because I thought the low prices were going to be temporary. Turns out the albums are still the same price!! Anyway, I own all the studio albums now (British versions mostly!!). I bought this album a year ago but have not listened to it yet. I am glad this one was on the list.

This album is fitting to listen to because John Lennon’s birthday was two days ago. He would have been 70. He is all over this album and sings lead vocals on most of the tracks. McCartney does mostly harmonies but sings lead on a few tracks including All My Loving (which was one of the first Beatles songs I ever heard!!) and Till There Was You. George sings lead on the song Don’t Bother Me and Roll Over Beethoven. You will be happy to know that Ringo does not sing lead on any song but does sing a bit of harmony on I Wanna Be Your Man. But, Ringo’s drumming is solid on this album and provides a steady back beat to most of the songs. There are also many covers on this album, which was standard for their first few albums. The covers include many Motown staples: Please Mister Postman, You Really Got A Hold On Me, Money(That’s What I Want), Till There Was You (a Tin Pan Alley staple done in a mellow arrangement with Ringo playing percussion) and Chuck Berry (Roll Over Beethoven). This album for the most part made me move in my bed. It also put a smile on my face. The Beatles were just getting their wings. You can tell that George Martin wanted to capture the energy The Beatles had in their early stages. He did that perfectly. I had never listened to this album all the way through before the Album Challenge but this album has introduced me to a few new songs (It Won’t Be Long, All I’ve Got To Do). I am so glad this album and several Beatles albums are on the list. Welcome to the 60’s!!!! Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Next: The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan by BOB DYLAN!!!!!!

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