Albums That Should Have Be On The List #2 – Please Please Me by The Beatles (1963)


Missing Album #2


This album should have been on the list instead of With The Beatles. The album is slightly different from With The Beatles. It has less dance-y tracks and has a mixed bag of songs. There are also fewer covers. The album was also pretty much all recorded in one day because producer George Martin wanted to capture the band’s live show on album. He did just that. The album feels live even though there are a few overdubs. Ringo does sing on this album on the song Boys. The album also features one song that does not feature Ringo on drums, Love Me Do. The song was rerecorded during the sessions with Ringo on tambourine and Andy White on drums. White also played drums on P.S. I Love You. On the 2009 remastered version, both of those tracks appear in mono and the original version of Love Me Do with Ringo drumming is found on Past Masters or Past Masters, Volume 1.  Out of all the remastered albums that I bought last year, this album was the first one that I listened to all the way through. You can tell they are excited to be in the studio. They have just hit the big time and you can feel it in these songs. Lennon and McCartney have equal vocal duties on this album with George singing only on the Carole King/Gerry Goffin song Chains. This album does a better job of showcasing Lennon and McCartney’s harmonies particularly on There’s A Place and P.S. I Love You. This should have been included in the book because it is their first album and also much more varied and fun compared to With The Beatles. Overall, I give Please Please Me 5 out of 5.

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