Songs That I Can’t Get Out Of My Head #2 – Show Me The Way

And now for another installment of Songs That I Can’t Get Out Of My Head. The next contender is Show Me The Way originally written and recorded by Peter Frampton. The version that I love the most is the live version found on Frampton Comes Alive! released in 1976. Frampton recorded a studio version a few years before but hardly anyone knows that version. There are many who don’t take Frampton that seriously and lump him into the teen idol category. Peter Frampton and Justin Bieber are not comparable. There were not nearly as many girls who went crazy over Frampton. Plus, Frampton is talented. He can play the electric guitar like no other and he paid his dues in British band Humble Pie along with Steve Marriott (formerly of The Small Faces). I love the happiness in this song and the hope. But, the chorus and intro are so catchy that they get stuck in my head. Dinosaur Jr. did a cover of this song on an EP in the 1980’s. Their version is just as powerful and emotional but J. Mascis makes the cover sound as if it is being sung by a bad bar band. None the less, it is my favorite cover of the song. This song is like eating a Mars Bar. You know it’s bad for you, filled with calories and very rich tasting but it always leaves you wanting more. That is exactly what this song is for me. I am looking forward to Frampton Comes Alive! as it is on the album list. I can’t wait to listen to it and review it. Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you soon. I leave you with three versions of the song:

Here’s the studio version:

Here’s the famous live version from Frampton Comes Alive! (1976):

and finally Dinosaur Jr.’s cover:

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