Album #42 – A Hard Day’s Night


Album #42

This album is my second favorite Beatles album behind Let It Be. I absolutely love this album. While I was listening to it, I was singing (badly!!!) along to almost every song. The first time I listened to this album was last year when I bought it along with the other Beatles albums I did not already own that were being remastered and reissued because I thought the prices would gradually increase on them. I actually grew up with many of these songs as a child because my father owns the American version of this album on cassette. The drawback to the American version is that many of the songs on the UK version are replaced with different songs and a few instrumentals. In 1987, Capitol issued this album on CD with the British track listing making the other album extremely rare. The instrumentals have not been released anywhere else. The album is of course the soundtrack to the film of the same name. It is also filled with originals and no covers and showcases the Lennon-McCartney songwriting partnership. Every song belongs on this album and most of the songs are upbeat. Lennon and McCartney also have a slowed-down song (And I Love Her) and folk songs (Things we Said Today, I’ll Be Back). The harmonies are present throughout. George sings on one track, I’m Happy Just To Dance With You. Ringo does not sing at all!!! This album shows The Beatles at the height of their fame. This album shows that they can write two to three minute pop songs but also experiment at the same time. Their next few albums would be even more experimental. Highlights include: I Should Have Known Better, I’ll be Back, Things We Said Today, And I Love Her, A Hard Day’s Night, Can’t Buy Me Love and Tell Me Why. Overall, I give this album, 5 out of 5!!!


Next: Olympia 64 by Jacques Brel (Highly recommended by 1001 Album Liz from California)!!!

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