Local 107.3 FM Fall Fundrive

Today is the start of the Local 107.3 FM Fall Fundrive. Local 107.3 FM holds a special place in my heart. Of course, as many of you know, I do a show there on Monday mornings from 9 a.m. until noon called “The Record Box”. I absolutely love it. Doing the show has introduced me to all kinds of new music and allowed me the creative freedom to program my show the way I want. It has also allowed me to connect the music I love with my family, friends, co-workers and complete strangers who have called me and thanked me for doing what I am doing. But, the station itself is more important and distinct than just my little three hour show on a Monday morning. It is comprised of a group of volunteers from mostly the Saint John community who have no connection to UNBSJ except through the station. There is no other campus station in the country that has this. We are more than a campus station, we are a community station. Where else will you hear my show followed by Democracy Now followed by French pop followed by Heavy Metal followed by a talk show about Paganism? Where else will you hear great local artists such as The Wooden Wives, The Telecasts, The Shinjuku Mad, Adam Mowery, Clinton Charlton, Andy Stevens, Girls Would Kill, Riot River and The Trick? Nowhere but Local 107.3 FM. Saint John is lucky to have this station. We are an eclectic free-form radio station that captures the spirit of radio and have programming that is not found anywhere else on the Saint John airwaves. Commercial Radio is becoming very fragmented. DJs are forced to use a playlist and the excitement of discovering new music is lost except on Local 107.3 FM. We actively support new music from here and abroad. The new branding and promotions are really helping us grow. But, we still need your support in order to continue to have eclectic programming. Any donation will help us meet out goal of 5000$. Not attaining this goal could mean that the station will not survive next year. You can donate by leaving a message at (506)-648-5667, make a pledge while a DJ is live in the booth at (506)-648-5925 or if you live outside Saint John and want to donate you can online at http://www.localfm.ca via PayPal. This type of radio needs to survive in Saint John and it is up to you to support it. Please give as much as you can to the Local 107.3 FM Fundrive. Thank You!!!

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