Album #44 – Rock N’ Soul

Album #44

Solomon Burke passed away on October 10th. I am so glad that one of his albums was on the list. This album is so good. He reminds me of a mixture of Sam Cooke and Ben E. King. This is soul music. It is more soulful than James Brown. There are slow songs and upbeat ones too. His female backing singers are great and add to the songs. This album put me in a good mood. The album is not boring, but it is well-balanced. That made it an interesting listen. I love how Burke covers all kinds of different songs: from Motown to Woody Guthrie. Also, seven of the tracks on this album were Billboard hits for Burke between 1961 and 1964. I really have nothing else to say about the album other than this is the way soul should be. It is sad that Solomon Burke was not as well known. I did not even know who he was until his death. After having listened to his music, it makes me appreciate the talent he had and the work he left behind. Rest in peace Solomon Burke and thanks for many years of music. You are clearly better than most soul singers from your generation. The emotion resounds throughout this record. That is what makes Solomon Burke so good. Overall, I give this album, 5 out of 5.

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