Album #46 – England’s Newest Hit Makers (a.k.a. The Rolling Stones)

Album #47

This album is rock n’ roll. The Stones are amazing here. For this album, the song selection is mostly covers with a few originals thrown in. I can clearly see why people think early Stones albums are better than early Beatles albums. This album was not boring for me. I was not waiting for the album to end. It was fun from start to finish. I did not realize the album was that short. Of course, it goes by two different titles in the US and UK. It the US, it is titled England’s Newest Hit Makers. This is the version I listened to and the only version in print. The other name is The Rolling Stones which was released in the UK. The UK only differs by one track and is currently out of print but will be released in a special vinyl box set in November. The album takes blues songs and makes them more rocking. The Stones show they are different from The Beatles. They are less polished and more raw. I like The Fab Four too but I find that The Stones early stuff was more exciting. It probably has to do with Mick’s voice. To me, it’s all about the singer. The Beatles have great voices but only the songs John sang on are the ones I admire. It is different with The Stones. Highlights include: Not Fade Away, Route 66, Carol and Walking The Dog. Overall, I give this album, 5 out of 5.

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