Album #48 – Live At The Star Club, Hamburg

Album #48

WOW!!!! This album was amazing.  The album cover says it all. There are many things to be said of Lewis. He married his 10 year old cousin in the late 50’s and a huge scandal erupted. He is the cousin of televangelist Jimmy Swaggart. He was also on Sun Records with Elvis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison. But the scandal and everything else bad about Lewis is removed when listening to this album. Lewis has made a comeback in recent years and he is finally being recognized one again. More on that below. Getting back to the album, many of the critics have said that this is one of the best live rock and roll albums of all time. I agree. British band The Nashville Teens backs Lewis up in this amazing performance and are very tight and also raw. This IS rock and roll. The energy of the band, Lewis and the crowd are infectious. I was tapping my feet the whole time. I love how Lewis does a few of his big hits and also does well known covers from other artists like Ray Charles and Little Richard. I have grown up with Jerry Lee Lewis’ music and I have always enjoyed it. I love his style of piano playing. It was going against the proper way to play a piano. Lewis’ style is a manic boogie woogie. He is pouring out his insanity on those keys. I also love the fact that this album was recorded in a small club in Germany with a small audience who are having just as much fun as Lewis. The album is raw and is not overdubbed (many artists unfortunately overdubbed their live albums in the 1970’s). It captures the essence of a live rock and roll show. I recommend this album to anyone and this album will definately be one that I will be buying in the not too distant future. Highlights include What I Say (Parts 1 and 2), Great Balls of Fire, Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On and Your Cheatin’ Heart. Lewis has made a comeback in recent years with the release of his 2007 album Last Man Standing in which Lewis duets with well-known rock artists and plays with them on one of their songs. Lewis released a follow-up album called Mean Old Man back in September. Those albums are worth picking up as well and they also show just how much Lewis is loved in the world of rock n’ roll. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5. An album too awesome to be ignored.

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