Album #49 – Here Are The Sonics

Album #49

This album was AWESOME!!! It represents a movement of mid to late 1960’s rock that is virtually unknown but has a vast influence: garage rock!!! This album is the only pure garage rock album on the list. The Sonics have influenced many including Kurt Cobain who said in an interview that he loved The Sonics and that the drums were the best sounding drums on a rock record. Without garage rock, there would be no Clash, Velvet Underground, Sex Pistols, Ramones, punk rock and grunge. Garage rock still lives today in bands such as The Ravonettes, The White Stripes and The Strokes and local Saint John bands such as The Wooden Wives, The Telecasts and Riot River. It hopefully will never die. This album was recorded very badly on a two-track recorder. The Sonics do mostly covers and most of they songs they covered are on the previous albums on the list. The album is a rock and roll album. The Sonics took everything good from The Stones’ debut album in terms of sound and mixed it up with Garage rock. Garage rock did not really hit until 1962-63. Bands such as ? and The Mysterians, The Kingsmen, The Standells and The McCoys had hits on the charts. These bands laid the foundations. The Sonics were not as well known but this album is more influential than the bands I just mentioned. Also, very few garage rock bands made albums. Singles were more affordable and took less time to make. The Sonics decided to make an album instead. I love the raw sound of this album. It continues where Jerry Lee Lewis left off. The Sonics take Lewis’ sound and add an edge. I also listened to the bonus tracks off the remastered CD. They were good as well. Three of them were Christmas songs. Don’t Believe In Christmas is a Christmas Classic. They also did a hysterical track called, “The Village Idiot”, in which The Village Idiot sings Jingle Bells and messes up the words. It literally made me laugh my butt off. I recommend this album to an serious rock fan and I will definately add this to my collection at some point. This is the type of sound that rock music needs to embrace once again in order to survive. It is very basic but very influential and this type of music shouldn’t be taken for granted!!!! Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

Next: Bringing It All Back Home by Bob Dylan!!!!!

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