Album #52 – Today!

Album #52

This album marked a change in the Beach Boys sound. The first side of the album had a typical Beach Boys sound with upbeat tracks such as Do You Wanna Dance? The second side of the album was mostly ballads with an interview at the end. This album marked a change in their sound largely due to the fact that halfway through the recording of this album, Brian Wilson stopped touring with the group and instead retreated to the studio. Wilson was also starting to use marijuana during the recording of this album. Side two is a foreshadowing of sorts. It represents a change in sound from the surf rock they were so famous for to dark, haunting ballads that would make up the bulk of Pet Sounds. My favorite tracks of this album are: Help Me, Rhonda, Dance, Dance, Dance and She Knows Me Too Well. Help Me, Rhonda is classic Beach Boys. The surf influence is there along with the catchy, sing-along chorus. Dance, Dance, Dance reminds me of being in my Orthodontist’s office and hearing that song play on the radio. My orthodontist loved listening to the Oldies station and that song was and still is played on that station quite a bit. I did not know what the name of this song was until today. The harmonies on the chorus are superb. She Knows Me Too Well has the best harmonies on this album. The songwriting and production of Brian Wilson makes this track stand out. It also showcases the sound that is to come on Pet Sounds. Other highlights include: Do You Wanna Dance? and I’m So Young. Overall, this album gets 4 out of 5.

Next: A Love Supreme by John Coltrane!!!!

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