Album #53 – A Love Supreme

Album #53

This album is one of my favorite jazz albums. It is basically a four song suite if you will. The album starts off with Part 1: Acknowledgement. The first sound you hear is a gong followed by piano and Coltrane’s first solo. A few minutes later, the song starts. It features the rhythm section playing the same bar over and over. Later in Part 1, A Love Supreme is sung over and over again using the same rhythm pattern. Lyrics are provided for part one but instead of singing them, Coltrane plays them on his saxophone. Part 2: Resolution is faster than  Part 1. Coltrane solos throughout. Part 3: Pursuance features a drum solo. The drummer on this album, Elvin Jones is very good. He keeps a very swinging rhythm but also can solo very well. Part 4: Psalm is the conclusion and winds down this suite. It is very subdued and you get the feeling listening to part four that the suite is almost over. This album has influenced many musicians both in jazz and rock music. I love Coltrane’s sax sound. His playing and tone sounds like nobody else. Even on Kind Of Blue, you know its Coltrane that is playing sax without even looking at the liner notes. That is what I love about Coltrane. He mastered the saxophone the way Miles Davis mastered the trumpet. Sadly, Coltrane passed away two years later in 1967. It is a shame because he could have done just as much as Miles did with his instrument if he had lived longer. But, what remains is a solid, influential body of work that lives on and will continue to live on for generations. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

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