Album #56 – Bert Jansch

Album #56

Bert Jansch was not what I expected at all. He is a Scottish-born folk singer. This album influenced countless musicians including Neil Young and Nick Drake definitely takes influence from this album for his 1970 album Pink Moon. The album is filled with instrumentals and songs about love and loss. It is just Jansch and his guitar. Jansch sounds like a cross between Donovan and Nick Drake. There were no standout tracks on this album for me. What I found interesting was the amount of instrumentals on this album. Between songs Jansch treats the listener to instrumental pieces. This is a rarity on folk albums of the time. Most folk albums contained songs with words only. This is very true of Bob Dylan. Dylan did not do many instrumentals on his albums during the 60’s. I think the first album that contained instrumentals was actually the soundtrack to Dylan’s film Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid. I did enjoy this album because it is very mellow. It consists of Jansch and his guitar. There is something  satisfying about that. It is so simple yet so complex. Not all guitar players can play like Jansch. He is an excellent guitar player. The acoustic guitar has always been shrugged off as an easy instrument to master yet Jansch makes it seem difficult. Joni Mitchell also did this with her acoustic guitar playing on her early albums. This album will definately be something I will revisit and the good thing about Jansch is that like Jack Elliot he is still touring and recording music. Overall, I give this album 4 out of 5.

Next: Mr. Tambourine Man by The Byrds!!!

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