Album #59 – My Generation

Album #59

This album symbolizes the start of the Mods. The Who were at the forefront of the Mods. Their brand of music was known as Maximum R&B, a style that was clearly their own brand of rock, r&b and blues. This album showed The Who in their infancy. They were just starting to show their power from their instruments. My Generation was an anthem for the years to come. It helped start punk. Without My Generation, there would be no anger in punk. Garage Rock had no anger. The Who did. That was the final piece to the punk puzzle. The Kids Are Alright is the stark opposite of the title track. It is a song you can dance to and the harmonies are very Beatlesque. Many view the album as essential listening.  What is great about this album is the way in which they cover James Brown songs. They do it with their own ferocity. The Who were also not a band that the girls screamed over. They were a band for guys. Their heavy approach seemed to alienate girls. Guys could appreciate the jangly guitar sound that Pete Townsend used and the bass lines of John Entwhistle.  The Who opened the door to a heavier approach to rock. The Who were not based in the blues but in R&B. As many bands would become blues based over the next few years, The Who stayed true to their roots. This album is a great start to a great career and showcases the unique sound of one of the greatest bands in rock and roll. Other highlights include: I’m A Man and The Ox (an instrumental). Overall, I give this album 4 out of 5.

Next: Revolver by The Beatles!!!!

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