Album #60 – Revolver

Album #60

This album is my third favorite Beatles album behind Let It Be and A Hard Days Night. I love it because almost every song on this album is amazing. The only songs I do not like are the following: Got To Get You Into My Life and And Your Bird Can Sing. I hate Got To Get You Into My Life because Paul’s vocals are so corny and the horn arrangement and guitars add to the corniness. I also hear it at work during every shift and it reminds me so much of work that I cannot listen to it without reminding my self about the bad and negative things about work. I hate it’s over the top happiness. It is enough to make me sick. I also hate And Your Bird Can Sing for that reason. The vocals are sound to much like they are singing out of their nose. But, other than those two tracks, the rest of the album is gold. Got To Get You Into My Life was not included on the U.S. version of Revolver and was not released as a single until 1976 in North America and reached the top 40. My favourite track on the album is She Said She Said which is said to have come from something Peter Fonda said at a party that Lennon attended during the making of Revolver. I also like Doctor Robert. Both tracks have not been played to death and that is probably why I like them. They sound more genuine. This is also the album that has the one Beatles song most people my age know, Yellow Submarine!!! Even though the song was sung by Ringo, it was written by Paul and John. It is a classic children’s song and was the first Beatles song I heard. The chorus is one of the catchiest choruses ever written. This album also was the last Beatles album to have separate British and American versions and it is also the first Beatles album to feature three songs written by George: I Want To Tell You, Taxman (classic!!!) and Love You To (George’s first experimentation with east indian sounds). The albums final track, Tomorrow Never Knows, is the albums’ standout track. It represents the band’s shift into psychedelic pop which they would do with their next album Sergent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The song is a kind of collage of sound with tape loops, random psychedelic violin parts, a unique drum part and wailing sounds with a unique ending. It is by far one of my favourite Beatles songs ever!!! Tomorrow Never Knows is much like the album cover: a collage of simple yet unique pictures. Tomorrow Never Knows helped define psychedelic music and changed the way music could be made in the pop arena. This album came at the point in their career where they stopped touring due to death threats over Lennon’s “bigger than Jesus” statement and the groups frustration with their live performances. This album would be the first step into The Beatles latter career:  a band based in the studio. Any band who would decide to quit touring today, in 2010, a play only in the studio would lose their audience and their recording contract. Back in 1966, being a studio-based band was possible. FM Radio allowed for that and albums were becoming important. Singles were on the way out. This album is the start of that. Other highlights include: Eleanor Rigby, Good Day Sunshine, For No One and Here, There and Everywhere. Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

Next: Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys!!!!

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