Album #63 – Fifth Dimension

Album #63

Sorry about posting this two days late. I was tired and busy with work the last few days. Anyway, I’ll keep this short and sweet. This album was another great album from The Byrds. It features two of my favourite songs by them: Mr. Spaceman and Eight Miles High. Eight Miles High is inspired by John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme and Roger McGuinn’s guitar solo mimics Coletrane’s playing. Mr. Spaceman was actually written in order to contact other lifeforms. But, McGuinn would later say it did not work. This album was recorded as Gene Clark was leaving the band. It is unfocused but it is their first album to feature no songs by Bob Dylan. It was good to hear David Crosby sing lead on a few tracks. I have never heard him sing lead on a Byrds song before. That song was What’s Happening. The cover songs on this album are also unique. Hey Joe and Wild Mountain Thyme being the notable cover versions. Also, I Come and Stand at Every Door was very good and I really enjoyed the message of that song. Overall, this album was okay and kind of boring. I give it 4 out of 5.

Next: Blonde On Blonde by Bob Dylan!!!!

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