Album #65 – Black Monk Time

Album #65

This album is so COOL!!! It is very weird and eccentric but it is fun to listen to. The Monks and this album in particular is a cult favorite of many musicians. The Monks are a garage rock band comprised of U.S. soldiers who were serving in Germany and that is where the album is recorded. The album not only has guitar at the forefront but it also has organ and banjo. Yes, a banjo serves as the rhythm guitar in this band!! The drums also sound very good here. The Monks’ look was described as anti-Beatles because they dressed as Monks when they played gigs. The Monks are garage rock but they are something more. They are experimental and they are even political in some of their songs, most notably Complications. They write about girls and their frustrations about Vietnam which people were just starting to write about in 1966. It is great that this album is on the list because many do not know about it. I will definitely be adding this to my physical collection. It is fun and eccentric at the same time. I like all of the songs on this album and they are all good. This album has been re-released several times and there are some bonus tracks on CD reissues. It is worth picking up because of it’s remote difference from anything released in the 60’s. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5!!!

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