Album #66 – Face to Face

Album #66

This album was amazing!!! The Kinks are in fine form here. This is their first album to focus more on social commentary and humor in their songs and less on love songs. The album is also looked at as one of the first rock concept albums. The album’s best known song is Sunny Afternoon, one of The Kinks biggest hits. That song reminds me so much of summer and relaxing in the sunshine. The whole album is filled with non-stop musical goodness. Ray Davies is not only a superb songwriter but he also has a great voice. That is the reason I love this band!!! Fancy is another favorite of mine from this album. Fancy is a real mellow and partially psychedelic song with the vocal melody sounding kind of Middle Eastern. The Kinks would never really adopt Middle Eastern music into their sound but it is nice to know they were influenced by it somewhat on this album. I also liked Session Man due to it’s lyrical content. It is about session musicians and kind of makes fun of them. This album did have a session bassist play on many of the tracks and the song is probably a nod to that. Pretty much every song on this album was superb. The only song I did not like was Rainy Day In June. The sound effects made the song corny and there is no real melody in it. Other than that, the album is phenomenal. Other highlights include: Party Line, Little Miss Queen Of Darkness, A House In The Country and Dandy. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

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