Album #73 – Blues Breakers With Eric Clapton

Album #73

This album was different than I expected. First off, Clapton does not sing on most of the tracks. The only one he sings is Ramblin’ On My Mind. All the other vocal duties are handled by John Mayall who actually plays piano and organ on this album. I always thought Mayall played guitar as well and that Clapton was one of the many apprentices he had who went on to bigger and better things. Also, John McVie plays bass on this album which is something I did not know until listening to the album today. McVie would leave the Blues Breakers to form Fleetwood Mac with Mick Fleetwood and Peter Green later that same year. This album also features a horn section on several tracks and not only covers blues but also covers Ray Charles. There are even a few originals. Clapton does not sing that much because he was not a confident singer at the time. He would sing with Cream more due to his band mates and producers somewhat forcing him to sing and Clapton felt most confident singing on Blues songs which is what he does on this album. The album was not as awe inspiring as I expected. This is the point in Clapton’s career where Clapton Is God was written on walls. But, I find that Clapton was just starting to get his feet wet. It would not be until later that year when Clapton started playing with Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker that he would fully demonstrate his talent and ability to play the guitar like no other. The album was good and I am glad I was able to listen to it but it left me a bit disappointed. I expected Mayall to also play guitar and Clapton to sing more. I was tapping my foot and rocking along to the music. It is a good starting point for British Blues rock because this album started it. Without it, there would be no Zeppelin, Cream, Hendrix, etc. the way we know them to be. Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

Next: Clapton’s first band, The Yardbirds (now with Jeff Beck) and their album Roger The Engineer a.k.a Over Under Sideways Down a.k.a. The Yardbirds!!!!

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