Album #74 – Roger The Engineer a.k.a. Over Under Sideways Down a.k.a. The Yardbirds

Album #74

The album challenge is back after a brief break. I have decided to go at my own pace. If I want to listen to an album, I will listen to it. If I don’t that day, I won’t. Anyway, thanks for all the positive feedback. I appreciate all of your comments and they have motivated me to return. And now, back to the challenge. This album was just what I thought it to be. It was very bluesy but also very psychedelic. This was the first Yardbirds release after Eric Clapton departed over a disagreement in the band’s sound and the release of the group’s first U.S. hit, For Your Love, which was too pop for Clapton’s tastes. The group ended up recruiting Jeff Beck and the result was this album. This album actually goes by three different names which are all in the title of this post. I listened to all of the tracks released on both the British and U.S. version. The result is fourteen tracks of pure British rock and roll. The music scene was changing during this time. The albums released in 1966 laid the foundations for the albums and bands that would be released over the next several years. The only track I knew and had heard several times before off this album was Over, Under, Sideways, Down. That track is pure British Blues rock combined with the R&B sounds The Rolling Stones presented early in their career. The chorus and riff are also very catchy and the riff is pure Beck. That song alone is worth picking up this album. Other highlights include: The Nazz Are Blue, Jeff’s Boogie and Ever Since The World Began. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

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