Album #75 – Wild Is the Wind

Wild Is the Wind CD Cover

Album #75

I loved this album. Nina Simone’s voice is so emotional and raw. She conveys sadness in most of the albums’ tracks. I had only heard one of the albums’ tracks before: Lilac Wine as covered by Jeff Buckley on his album Grace (which is also on the list). He did such a good job but Simone does it better. She captures the raw emotion in the song. Buckley’s version is somewhat theatrical. The album also features two songs written by Van McCoy who is best known for writing the disco hit “The Hustle” (da da da dadadada da da). The album is a mixture of r&b and jazz. Simone sings jazz better than most of the jazz singers I have heard thus far. Her style has influenced many. I got home from work and was tired and put this album on and it was so relaxing. The song that did it for me was What More Can I Say. The emotions in that song are so strong and mellow. Simone gives one of her best performances on that track. The albums most well known song is Four Women which is the only song she wrote on this album. The song is a moving depiction of the lives of four female slaves. Simone ran into controversy over this track and many radio stations would not play it. But the song is just as powerful and it’s message just as important as Billie Holliday’s Strange Fruit. The song depicts the anger these slave women had against their masters and their society in general. Simone clearly captures the pulse of the civil rights movement; even though it has just begun there is still much work to do. Other highlights include: That’s All I Ask, Why Keep On Breaking My Heart, Wild Is The Wind, Black Is The Colour of My True Love’s Hair and Either Way I Lose. Overall, I give this album, 4.5 out of 5.

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