Album #77 – Chelsea Girl

Album #77

Nico has famously said that she hated this album because there were too much flutes and not enough guitar. I disagree with her. This album is great. It showcases Nico’s unique voice and influenced many folk albums that would be released in the coming years including Nick Drake’s Five Leaves Left and Leonard Cohen’s early recordings. Not everybody likes a voice such as that which Nico possesses and it can take a while to grow on you. But, this album is very soothing and calming and it is worth a listen. Nico works with Lou Reed and John Cale of The Velvet Underground and Jackson Browne. All three have songs that they wrote on the album and they also play some of the backing tracks as well. The highlight of this album for me is Nico’s version of These Days written by Jackson Browne. Browne would eventually record his own version for his 1973 album For Everyman. Nico’s version is better because it is more sad and longs for the past. Nico interprets the song better than Browne ever could. Nico’s version was also featured in a poignant scene in The Royal Tannenbaums. That version adds to that scene and makes the film that much better. The title track, Chelsea Girls, is also a favorite. It was written for an Andy Warhol film and clearly captures what it was like to live in Warhol’s world in the mid-1960’s. The album was a joy to listen to and it is great for relaxing or reading. Other highlights include: The Fairest of The Seasons, Winter Song and a great cover of Bob Dylan’s I’ll Keep It With Mine. Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

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