Album #79 – Electric Music for the Mind and Body

Album #79

I really enjoyed this album. It reminded me so much of the early Grateful Dead records. That is probably the kind of vibe this band wanted to show on this album. The album is one of the many albums from this time period that was not filled with top 40 hits and singles, but an album that was played regularly on free-form rock stations on the FM dial. You would think tracks from this album would be played on Classic Rock stations today, but they are unfortunately not. Sgt. Pepper started this trend in music. Country Joe and the Fish would become more known two years later when they played Woodstock and their song Fixing-To-Die Rag is featured in the film and on its soundtrack. This band is Anti-Vietnam but they only really talk about their views in one song on this album called Superbird. The song mocks then President Johnson and his stance on the war in Vietnam. It is a very funny song to listen to. I also liked Section 43 (which is the only song off the album I had heard before and is a lengthy instrumental track) as well as Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine and Bass Strings (a song that in part talks about LSD). There was not a bad song on this album. I recommend it to any fans of psychedelic music and more specifically the early releases by The Grateful Dead. This album probably influenced them immensely. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5. I will definitely be adding it to my collection

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