Album #80 – Buffalo Springfield Again

Album #80

Buffalo Springfield is known by many to be a one-hit wonder. They are most for their hit For What It’s Worth. But, many may not know that Neil Young and Stephen Stills both got their start in this band. I absolutely loved this album. I had heard about half of this album’s tracks before: Mr. Soul, Bluebird, Rock & Roll Woman and Broken Arrow. Broken Arrow would be rewritten for CSNY’s album Deja Vu as the Country Girl Melody. Mr. Soul is one of Young’s best songs. The album has many different styles. One track has a horn section, another quickly switches from folk-rock power to acoustic banjos and guitars. This album is diverse beyond what was around at the time. Music would shift in this direction. This album shows just how diverse a limited genre such as folk-rock can be. The songwriting here is primarily Stills and Young with Richie Furay writing a few songs. This would also mark the beginning of Young’s partnership with famed arranger Jack Nietzsche. Expecting to Fly and sections of Broken Arrow sound very similar in mood and style to several of the songs that make up Young’s debut solo album as well as Man Needs A Maid and There’s A World off Young’s 1972 album Harvest. The string arrangements are very lush and compliment Young’s songwriting and this is a tool he would use successfully in some of his ballads up until Nietzsche’s death. This album would be the second release for Buffalo Springfield. They only released three albums but they certainly left their mark and launched the careers of three amazing singer-songwriters. Even though they are slagged off as one-hit wonders, they brought more to music than most want to admit. For that, overall I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

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