Album #81 – Safe as Milk

Album #81

The first place that I had heard of this album was this scene in the 2000 film adaptation of Nick Hornby’s novel High Fidelity:

This album was completely different from what I expected. I loved it!!!! I liked how the album was rooted in the blues. Ry Cooder even played on and arranged two songs: the album’s opening track, Sure ‘Nuff ‘n Yes I Do, and Grown So Ugly (which is the album’s only cover song). The album also had a psychedelic and experimental slant to it. A Mellowtron was made to sound like a buzzing bee and Captain Beefheart sang in a different style/way on each track. For example, he even sounded like Wolfman Jack on the song Electricity which made me laugh instantly. This album definately had an experimental vibe but like Zappa’s Freak Out, it is very accessible and underrated. I have changed my mind about Captain Beefheart and if this album is a sign of what was to come, he made some cool and very interesting music. Other highlights include: Zig Zag Wanderer, Abba Zaba and Plastic Factory. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

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