Album #90 – The Who Sell Out

Album #90

First of all, I just found out that Don Van Vilet a.k.a Captain Beefheart has passed away. What a year of celebrity deaths!!!! My thoughts are with his family and this is such a great loss. Rest in peace Captain Beefheart. This album was much better than expected. Almost every song on this album was excellent. This album was the start of The Who’s rise in creativity. I did not like the random ads though and radio jingles. I know the album was parodying them as a satire but they were out of place on this album. The songs were so good. Pete Townshend is a songwriting god!!!! This album also contains one of my favourite songs by The Who: I Can See For Miles. I love the song because it is more than psychedelia for me. It is atmospheric and I can picture the words of the song as they are being sung. It is a perfect song. It also sounds amazing. Other highlights include: Silas Stingy (the funniest song on the album!!!!), I Can’t Reach You, Sunrise and Rael 1 (The final section contains the same instrumental backing track that comprises Underture on Tommy!!!!). Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

Next: The Velvet Underground and Nico by The Velvet Underground!!!!

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