Songs That I Can’t Get Out Of My Head #4 – Shelter Me

The next installment in Songs That I Can’t Get Out Of My Head comes from the Legendary Joe Cocker with a song called Shelter Me. The song did not do well on the US and UK charts when it was released as a single in 1986 from his album Cocker. But, it did reach #11 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart. This song was not written by Cocker but by Nick DiStefano. Cocker takes this song and adds blues and soul to it. Yes there are synthesizers. Yes there is a sax solo. But, Cocker’s soulful vocals shine through. The single edit does not do the song justice. I prefer the 12″ Extended Mix. The album version is also good but impossible to find online and the 12″ mix probably does not differ from the album version. I also love the lyrics to this song and Cocker seems to sing them as if he has lived them. That is the power of Joe Cocker. He can turn any song and make it more powerful.
For your listening pleasure, below are the music video for the song with the single edit and the 12″ extended mix. Enjoy!!!

Music video:

12″ Extended Mix:

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