Album #94 – Younger Than Yesterday

Album #94

I really enjoyed this Byrds album. It is probably my favourite of their albums so far on the list. David Crosby really shows his skills as a songwriter here with two beautifully written songs: Everybody’s Been Burned and Mind Gardens. The album begins with one of my favorite Byrds songs, So You want To Be a Rock N’ Roll Star. Whenever I hear it, I imagine how much popular music has changed since that song was written. That song rings true more today than it did in 1967. The lyrics of the song are pretty much how a pop star acts and is crafted. Think Disney or Teen pop. Weird, isn’t it? There is also their best Dylan cover on this album, My Back Pages. This song was better than the original and for years, I thought Roger McGuinn wrote it. They also experiment with country rock on The Girl with No Name which would dominate their next few albums. The one highlight for me though has to be C.T.A. – 102 which has to be about a bus route. It has a bus engine running in the background of the latter part of the song with a psychedelic Yoda mumbling over top of it. It made me laugh out loud but at the same time, it was very creepy!!! And the Yoda was only on the right side of my headphones!! Overall, this was an excellent album and The Byrds finally  found their stride with this album. Overall, I give this album 4.5 our of 5.

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