Album #96 – Surrealistic Pillow

Album #96

This will be my last album review and listen before I take a break for Christmas!!! Merry Christmas readers and Happy Hanukkah too. In the next week, I should reach my 100th album!!! I never thought I would reach 100 albums this fast!!! I’m so excited!!! Anyway this album, unlike so many on the list, was not alien to me. I had heard many of the tracks before. Somebody To Love and White Rabbit are this group’s biggest hits and they symbolize the Summer of Love for myself and so many others. But, the album tracks are also good. Embryonic Journey is one of my favourite instrumentals of all-time. It shows off the magnificent guitar work of Jorma Kaukonen. I even use it as an instrumental bed on my radio show!!! It shows the emotive sound an acoustic guitar can produce. The album is not all about the songwriting and powerful vocals of Grace Slick either. Marty Balin has some great contributions as well including Plastic Fantastic Lover, Coming Back To Me and 3/5 of a Mile in Ten Seconds (this song references pot but can also be viewed as a song about materialism and commercialism). Grace Slick’s vocals on this album are unbelievable. She did so much for women in Rock music. Her voice is so unique yet powerful. I can definately hear some of her influence on singers such as Stevie Nicks. This album defines the Summer of Love and the experiences one could take from them. I feel this is one of the best albums from 1967 and many agree. Other great tracks include: Today, My Best Friend and How Do You Feel. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

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