Album #103 – Call Of The Valley

Album #103

I really enjoyed this album. It actually made me want to take a nap. The music these musicians made is so mellow and relaxing. The instrumentation is somewhat familiar with the strong presence of the tabla on most of the tracks (my favourite percussion instrument) and the sitar. But, flute and hammer dulcimer are also present on this album which kind of incorporates sounds of Japanese and American folk music into the mix. I can see why this album inspired many Western musicians. Transcendental Meditation was the rage in 1967-68 and many Western pop musicians, including George Harrison, were incorporating these sounds into their music. The songs sound so different yet are somewhat accessible. The scale is different and is not Western at all. But, I enjoyed all five tracks. They were all slightly different and if there was a singer, the parts that the flute player played and the sitar solos would make up the vocal lines. I feel relaxed now after having listened to it. I will definitely be adding this album to my collection. It is easy to see why this album is the most important album in Indian instrumental and Classical Music and one of the biggest selling instrumental albums of all-time. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

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