Album #109 – The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter

Album #109

I absolutely hated this album. I couldn’t even finish listening to it. It made me angry. I was mad because I did not get it. Supposedly, every song describes the elements of hippy aesthetic. I did not see that in many of the songs. The lyrics were over my head and it was easy for me to lose focus listening. The two men singing have some of the most dull and boring singing voices I have ever heard. And yet, people liked this stuff. The Minatour Song was the only track that seemed to embody the collective spirit of the hippies. The lyrics were just too hard for me to decipher. Also, the songs sound the same to me. They are all boring and devoid of life. Yet, the critics loved this album. I just did not. I am probably alone in that assessment. I realize that the instruments used on this album were unique to rock and psychedelic music (just like Traffic) but that is the only good thing about this album. I do not want to listen to it again because it was really, REALLY boring!!!! Loretta Lynn was better than this!!!! Overall, I give this album 1 out of 5. So far, this is the worst album on the list.

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