Album #110 – The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society

Album #110

This was a vast change from yesterday’s album. This album was a concept album with songs describing living in the English countryside in ancient times. The album was not a hit for them when it came out in 1968 but it has become one of their best known and biggest selling albums. Once again, The Kinks have a great album here!!! I loved the songs and the songwriting of Ray Davies. He always writes many of his songs with some humor thrown in. Among my favourites were: Picture Book, Johnny Thunder, Last of the steam-powered Trains, Starstruck and the album’s signature track Wicked Annabella. Wicked Annabella features Dave Davies vocals and is different from the other songs off this album because it uses powerful drums and heavy distorted guitars. This album was a welcome change from yesterday and shows just how far the three minute pop song could go in 1968. Most of the songs off this album are under 2:50 and they are all brilliantly written and crafted. Ray Davies knew what his limits were at the time and used them brilliantly. It is a shame that this album did not become as big as it could have been. But, it remains one of their best albums. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5.

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