Album #116 – Eli and the Thirteenth Confession

Album #116

I am trying as I write this to say something positive about this album. I did not like it. I have always somewhat disliked Laura Nyro’s music. It is great that artists such as Elton John, Joni Mitchell, Jenny Lewis and Todd Rundgren were heavily influenced by her music. It is somewhat sad that her songs were covered by other artists and became massive hits. Wedding Bell Blues, And When I Die and Eli’s Comin’ were all written by her and became massive hits for the artists who covered those songs. She was reluctant to become famous and that is why her music and albums are not well known. It is also ironic that her biggest selling hit was a cover of Up On The Roof. But, I find this album to be very pretentious. I hate when something is pretentious. Throughout this album, Nyro has to make the songs bigger than they are. The most emotional song off the album, Lonely Woman, has to be butchered at the end by Nyro changing the tempos and going literally insane at the end of that beautiful song. I could not help but laugh at most of the songs. I don’t know what people saw in her but all I see is someone who hated fame and had to make pretentious records to show how much better she was than the other artists out there. I don’t deny her songwriting talents but I just think she is overrated. This album reminded me most of a Broadway musical written by a drug addict who has severe mental illness and has just gone insane. It would be funny if the producers of Glee got a hold of some of Nyro’s songs and turned them into an episode about mental illness. But, I digress. I did not really enjoy this album. Sorry. Overall, I give this album 3 out of 5. Nyro was talented and good but tried too hard.

Next: Lady Soul by Aretha Franklin

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