Album #119 – The Notorious Byrd Brothers

Album #119

This album was both experimental and symbolic of their future sound: country rock. This album features pedal steel guitars, Moog Synthesizers and horn sections in their music for the first time. It also is the last album the original line-up ever did together. David Crosby was in the picture on the album but his face in the last window was replaced by the head of a horse. Crosby left The Byrds half-way through the making of this album. Gene Clark returned for three weeks and then left for good. The group’s drummer also left. But, what results is a sometimes experimental, sometimes country rock album. The harmonies are still there. Tracks such as Goin’ Back and Change Is Now still show what they were known for. The sound of all of their voices is unique and will probably never happen again. This was another great album by The Byrds. Not their best, but certainly good and well made. Other highlights include: Draft Morning, Wasn’t Born To Follow, Get to You and Old John Robertson. Overall, I give this album 4 out of 5.

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