Album #121 – The United States of America

Album #121

This album was the opposite of what I expected. It is not garage rock but, experimental rock. While I appreciated this band’s creativity, I was very bored. The album just seems to be just a bunch of musical nonsense. I did not hate the album like I did The Incredible String Band and Laura Nyro though. It was interesting but, it bored me and I could not wait to finish it. I did like the fact that this band had a female singer. She kind of reminds me of Nico and they sound like The Velvet Underground on some tracks. Overall, I was just bored to tears with this album. This is why I have not written this post in almost a week. I had to work up the stamina to listen to this album. Sorry, arbiters of cool. I just did not get this album and multiple listens will not sway me. Overall, I give this album 2.5 out of 5.

Next: Gris Gris by Dr. John (a.k.a. Mac Rebenack)


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