Album #125 – Bookends

Album #125

I absolutely love this album. The album cover is one of my favourite album covers of  all-time. The album kind of represents them: They might look like twins wearing the same coloured sweaters but they are two very different and unique individuals that somehow mesh together. This is the album that made Simon & Garfunkel household names. It contains two of their biggest hits, Mrs. Robinson (one of their signature songs) and America. It also contains some great album tracks including: Old Friends/Bookends, At The Zoo, Fakin’ It, A Hazy Shade of Winter (covered by the Bangles almost 20 years after the album’s release) and Overs. I enjoy this album because it shows how much bigger the production became from their earlier albums to Bookends. The production was clearly influenced by the other albums that were released at the time. Also, the album contains some of Simon’s best written songs. Also, this marks the last time that these two would work on the album in the same space. While Bridge Over Troubled Water (which is also on the list) is just as good, they did not work together and Garfunkel supposedly “phoned in” most of his parts. Simon did most of the production on that album. Here, both seem to still be working in tandem. Garfunkel even incorporates a sound collage entitled Voices of Old People. But, I feel that Gafunkel’s track while being unique has no place on the album. Also, Save The Life of My Child is out of place and is just too experimental for this album. The rest of the tracks are perfect. Simon and Garfunkel are my favourite duo because what they do is not as simple as one might think. They both need each other: Art needs Paul’s songs and Paul needs Art’s superb harmonies and voice. Together, the two create something magical and something that is timeless. This album is definately worth listening to. The songs are good and run the gamut of emotions and the production is great. Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

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