Album #132 – Astral Weeks

Album #132

Astral Weeks marks a change in Van Morrison’s sound. Up to this point, his music was either garage rock, which he played in the band Them, or r&b influence pop such as his first solo hit, Brown Eyed Girl. This album was more experimental in sounds and style. Most of the songs on this album are longer than the average pop song which is two minutes, fifty seconds. Morrison is also experimenting with Baroque Pop just like The Zombies. This album was not a success. Many were expecting the same kind of sound that Brown Eyed Girl had. That song was released a year before this album was released and became Morrison’s most well-known and biggest hit. Morrison has said on many occasions that Brown Eyed Girl is not his best written song. This album is well written. It is almost as if Morrison is setting poems to music. The arrangements are also great and have more depth than Brown Eyed Girl. I can see why this album was not received by record buyers and loved by the critics. Over the years, it has become a cult classic. I enjoyed listening to it. I already had it in my collection and I am glad that I do. Morrison’s next album, Moondance, would successfully blend r&b influenced pop with the experimentation and become Morrison’s most known and accessible album. But, Astral Weeks was great to listen to and showed just how creative and talented Morrison is. Overall, I give this album 4.5 out of  5.

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