Album #134 – The Beatles a.k.a The White Album

Album #134

Yesterday was the first time I listened to this album all the way through. I knew pretty much all of the songs and most were good. Many people place this as their favourite Beatles album. I agree and I can see why. The album has a wide variety of songs and styles. They could have released two or three albums worth of these songs but it just would not have been the same. During this time, they were becoming not only better musicians but unique individuals. They were slowly starting to drift apart as a band and collective. John had met and was dating Yoko, Ringo briefly left the band during the recording of this album, Paul was trying to run the show and George was longing to do his own thing.  All of those feelings are captured brilliantly on this album. There are only a few songs that do not belong on this album. They are: Revolution 9, Wild Honey Pie and Good Night. These songs are out of place to me but, would not have happened had they not been in the state of mind I described above. All of the rest of the tracks are great and awesome. They also show how talented they were as musicians and songwriters. If you want to get into The Beatles’ music, I recommend starting with this album. It is long album but all of the songs are catchy and worth their weight in gold. It really shows just how good and influential the Beatles music is. Dare I say that this album is better than Sgt. Pepper and very underrated. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5. Note: I never thought I would be giving this album a 5. That is how blown away I was.

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